Thermaltake TrueLight Heat Spreader

@ 2004/05/09
May 2004 – Taipei, TW At the start of new millennium, Thermaltake Technology announced the world’s first memory cooling kit available to public. The aluminum memory cooling kit made a huge impact on the overclocking community as it was able to keep the memory temperature lower and allowing higher overclock.

Today Thermaltake released their latest memory cooling kits, TrueLight Heat Spreader. TrueLight Heat Spreader is a completely redesigned memory cooling module as it incorporates a much more user friendly clip for securing the kit onto memory sticks. Larger aluminum surface area allows heat to be absorbed and dissipated much more efficiently.

The most noticeable feature found on the latest TrueLight Heat Spreader is its built-in LEDs. A total of 5 Blue LEDs are controlled using the included PCI Controller. Microprocessor built onto the PCI Controller enables the users to control the flash modes which the LEDs are flashed.

“With the release of TrueLight, not only will users benefit from its exceptional cooling capability, but it is also a great addition to the aesthetic side as well” commented Flora Chen, Marketing Manager at Thermaltake.

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