PowerColor X800 PRO Assassin Edition

@ 2004/05/07
Tul introduced the latest PowerColor X800 PRO based on the ATi Radeon X800 PRO VPU clocked at 475/450Mhz. The card is bundled with latest DX game called the Hitman : Contracts (Retail price at US$49.9) and the Cyberlink DVD solutions. The suggested retail price is US$449.

Comment from Nalschbach @ 2004/05/26
Yeah I got that edition, it comes with Hitman Contracts, which I Dont even really care about and it comes with a backpack and some other software. Hopefully United Micro was honest when it said they had this in stock
Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/26
"Hitman : Contracts"
Comment from kristos @ 2004/05/26
Congratulations, and happy ...

just kiddin'

what's the thing about this "assassin edition"?
Comment from Nalschbach @ 2004/05/26
Yeah im new here , Hi... Umm yeah I just bought that new card from United Micro.com and im waiting for it to be processed and shipped...