GTR Demo

@ 2004/05/04
In an unusual move, SimBin has released the playable press demo of GTR, their upcoming FIA GT racing simulator, for the public. Awkwardly, the demo is still protected by a password though, so you'll need to enter "GTR_Press_Demo" during installation. The demo contains the Spa track, drivable in the Lister Storm and Morgan Aero 8 cars, but as a work-in-progress release it doesn't offer the polish expected from an official public demo.

Comment from quarantaine @ 2004/05/05
this game just rox
i love the sound, the speed but the difficulty is high with everything on realistic

i'm gonna buy this one (and i dont often buy games)
Comment from the maniak @ 2004/05/05
Comment from quarantaine @ 2004/05/05
my favourite racing game back into action
Comment from jmke @ 2004/05/05
I haven't tried it yet, how does the game look?
Comment from the maniak @ 2004/05/05
I've been playing the demo for 2 days now and have to say that it is very realistic.
The car spins out of control almost every turn , I think it's time to buy a steering weel and pedals.