Review: Lineage II

@ 2004/04/30
Many gamers in the United States have never heard of the original Lineage. While the Korean title was made available eventually in the US, the dated graphics (very reminiscent of the already outmoded-but-still-popular Ultima Online) did not spark any interest here. Apparently, however, no one cared that us Americans didn't take notice. Lineage is easily one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world, with players from a smorgasbord of countries. Those of us here in the states that were brave enough to dive in found a chaotic world controlled by the players, not the GMs. It is a Player-versus-Player anarchy in which players migrated towards both the good and evil sides of the spectrum. Pickpockets could prey on unsuspecting individuals, and you did not have to worry about being in some silly zone or getting a temporary flag to kill the player talking smack to you. Most of all, rewards did not come easy; you had to work to earn them. For those of you that missed the first coming of Lineage, a second chance has arrived with Lineage 2 - a vastly improved and greatly expanded MMORPG that remains true to its roots in every way... but be warned, it is not for everyone.

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