AMD's Emma: $200 Internet PC

@ 2004/04/27
Ruiz, speaking to the Headliners Club on Monday, said AMD is developing an integrated chip, code-named "Emma," for use in an Internet access "appliance" about the size of a package of cigarettes.

That appliance, when attached to a keyboard and a screen and an Internet connection, could deliver Internet access for less than $200, Ruiz said, adding that AMD expects to have the project completed in three to six months. The project is being developed by the company's Austin-based personal connectivity solutions group.

Now this reminds me of the Austin based Iopener that tried this years ago with a Winchip CPU. I still have one of the Iopeners, but they went bust after many where bought and modded, and not used with their internet access. The Winchip of course was bought out by VIA, and today we have VIA Centaur. Now has technology progressed where a simple device at sub $200 can be successful? Perhaps. Will this one integrate AMD's PCS divisions 802.11 as well? Stay tuned.

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