First RADEON "R420" X800 Pictures Sighted

@ 2004/04/23
An Asian web-site has published pictures from ATi Technology Days 2004 event hosted by ATI Technologies, including a photo of a graphics card that is believed to be the highly anticipated RADEON X800.

Official dates and specs of ATI’s upcoming code-named R420 products are still to be decided, but according to the latest unofficial information, the RADEON X800 PRO will be launched on the 4th or the 5th of May, while the RADEON X800 for AGP 8x and RADEON X880XT for PCI Express x16 are scheduled for June, not May introduction, if the information is correct.

Click here for photo's and more info
Comment from calantak @ 2004/04/23
I hope it is a great card coz with the same mounting system, it'd mean I can plug the pelt right up without any fuss.