Intel Shuffles Next-Generation Chipsets' Brand-Names

@ 2004/04/21
Intel Corp. reportedly renamed its forthcoming core-logic sets for servers and workstations with PCI Express and DDR2 capability, sources with knowledge of the world’s largest chipmaker’s plans said. Rather unexpectedly, the sources told X-bit labs, the firm brought out the brand-name for a chipset that is to power uni-processor systems with 64-bit Pentium 4 chips.

Chipsets designed for servers and high-end workstation have nearly the same array of capabilities compared to their desktop brethren, but there are some important exceptions that address the needs of appropriate market segments, such as official support for 2 processors, as well as error control correction technology (ECC).

To support its new Xeon processors for 2P applications with Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T) as well as 800MHz processor system bus, Intel this year is expected to release two families of chipsets targeting various requirements – Lindenhurst and Tumwater. In spite of the fact that previously Intel revealed official brand-names for the products, the Santa Clara, California-based company recently renamed its newcomers.

Intel Lindenhurst – a next-generation server core-logic – is now called E7520. A cheaper version of the Lindenhurst – Lindenhurst VS – is branded as E7320. Tumwater – existing in one and only version for workstations – will be named E7525.

Intel will release its Lindenhurst chipset – also known as E7520 – for dual-way server applications powered by code-named Xeon "Nocona" and eventually Jayhawk processors in the third quarter of the year, according to the most recent plans of the chip giant. The E7520 aka Lindenhurst core-logic will support Intel Xeon processors with 800MHz Quad Pumped Bus, dual-channel PC2700 DDR and PC2-3200 DDR2 SDRAM memory with ECC support. Besides, the E7520 will bring PCI Express x8 as well as PCI Express x4 into server solutions in addition to direct connect LAN and storage components. The bringer of innovations will cost $84 in 1000 unit quantities at launch in Q2 2004. Our sources also indicated Intel’s plans to offer a cut-down version of the E7710 – the Lindenhurst VS aka E77320 – that will be priced at $70.

Intel E7525 aka Tumwater core-logic coming in the same timeframe will add PCI Express x16 bus for graphics to features brought by E7520/E7320 as well as some other peculiarities of solutions for workstations. The product will be quoted at $100 in commercial quantities.

Professional version of Alderwood (i925X) code-named Copper River will be brand-named E7221 when it will be available for $52, if the information is correct. The chipset is intended for uni-processor servers and workstations with 64-bit capability.

Officials from Intel deny to comment on information coming from third-parties in regards future product releases.

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