Clever Power 500W PSU

@ 2004/04/09
Good example of PSU without any import regulations. The 12V rail went down to 11.25V!!!! How about getting a can of Coke that says 355ml and you only receive 300ml? The label laws will get the bottler a fine of $$$$$$.:grin:
Comment from DyNaRaX @ 2004/04/11
thx for the info
Comment from BlackRabbit @ 2004/04/11
Originally posted by jmke
older motherboards.
my dual CPU mobo has such a connector (together with an axtra 12V connector, you know which one I mean)
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/04/11
6 Volt Auxilary to the motherboard. Some server boards still use it. One of the boards I have has this connector. I disconnected it and nothing ever happens.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/04/09
older motherboards.
Comment from DyNaRaX @ 2004/04/09
for what is the marked connector used?