1 TeraByte external hard drive becomes reality

@ 2004/04/08
LaCie, a PC peripherals manufacturer, announced the release date of it's 1 TeraByte "Bigger Disk" external hard disk drive.

The "Bigger Disk" product line already consists of 320GB, 400GB, and 500GB external models. The price for 320GB HDD is $399.99, 400GB HDD is $479.00, and for the 500GB model is $579.00. The price for the 1000GB or 1TeraByte model drive has been set at $1200.00. This is the first external hard drive that will feature 1000GB of storage space.

All "Bigger Disk" product line models have similar specifications. The 1TB hard drive will use the newly released Fireware 800 interface along with the current Fireware 400 standard. The drive will also feature a USB 2.0 port for alternate connectivity options. The on-board cache is 8MB and the seek times (write) are 10ms, according to LaCie. The drive will house in an external chassis with 6.3 x 3.4 x 10.6 in. / 173 x 88 268 mm dimensions and it will weigh a solid 11lbs (pounds).

We can expect other leading storage manufacturers such as Maxtor, Western Digital, and Seagate to produce such high capacity drives as well in the coming future. There is no doubt that we will see 1TB hard drives sooner than what most of us think. If high capacity drives can be available in external formats; there shouldn't be too many problems with the internal solutions.

The second thing to keep in mind is the high price of the LaCie external solution. The companies will have to keep the cost down for high capacity solutions to keep the consumers interested and satisfied. LaCie has shown us the future of hard drives and the levels storage companies can reach.

The LaCie 1TB external hard disk drive is set to release at the end of April, according to company documents

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