Cebit 2004 in 7 hours

@ 2004/03/31
Excellent work ..... nice pics ..... you guys need a female staffer.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/04/02
Needle bearing runs quieter than ball bearing.
Comment from kristos @ 2004/04/01
grmbl this "not being able to edit" is really starting to bug me :grum:

I meant what's best for silence, ballearing or needlebearing.
Comment from kristos @ 2004/04/01
Heh I got a look-a-like for free at work

haven't tested it yet and it's a 220V model so I'll have to guide a powercord inside but that's for when I'm starting work on my own pc , I think it's about 240 mm but not sure though, I have no clue as to what cfm it can push but I'm guessing it's a lot and not that loud afaik cuz it has some serious "rollagers" (ballbearers?)

PS: what's best btw, ballbearing (rollagers) or needlebearing (naaldlagers)?

That Tyan quad opteron mobo looks super but I think it'll cost well over the 5000€ cuz I've seen a quad Xeon from Tyan a while ago and it was about 5500 €, if I remeber correctly
Comment from TeuS @ 2004/04/01
and the price is outrageous: roughly 150 euro a piece
Comment from TerAngreal @ 2004/04/01
left to right:

calantak's half, Jay-Jay, part of RichBa5tard, dur0n, me

and i believe that's one of the new Papst's you're showing ... but by looking at the type, this is an industrial model - not to be obtained via your everyday webshop
Comment from kristos @ 2004/04/01
I liked the old madshrimps logo better :

Ok who makes these lookers and where do I buy them (maybe some stats too )

Allright, now who's who in this pic
Comment from DjTonic @ 2004/03/31
Very nice pics. Mach II