FSP Group introduces new CFX12V form factor power supply designed for BTX systems

@ 2004/03/23
In the Fall of 2003 Year, Intel officially released, at Intel Developer Forum (IDF), a new PC form factor, “Balanced Technology eXtended,” which is previously code named “Big Water” for small form factor system designs. Compared with the existing ATX form factor, BTX form factor offers greater flexibility and enhancement in mass, dimension, acoustics, thermal, mechanical and electrical designs for next generation PC systems. Thanks to its design flexibility, BTX specification helps system integrators design systems from tower to compact size. For example, compact BTX system design could achieve system volume below half of standard ATX, which is typically 22 liters. This could meet customer’s demands for mini compact sized PC systems.

With Intel’s announcement of the BTX form factor at IDF, more and more spotlight is shed on this new form factor. As a leader in the field of switched mode power supply, FSP Group is proud to introduce a new power supply model that meets the specification of CFX12V 1.0 version for the BTX Small Form Factor Systems. This power supply (model no. FSP275-50BW) has a maximum continuous power output of 275W. Besides its high power density characteristics, it is equipped with the latest S-ATA power connector, 24-pin motherboard connector and two split +12V rails outputs to meet the new 240VA safety requirement and increasing power demand in the systems. Furthermore, when at full load, FSP275-50BW exhibits a high efficiency of over 70%. To meet EU regulations on EMC and harmonics, passive PFC circuit is incorporated in FSP275-50BW. Standard protective features such as Over Current Protection, Over Load Protection and Short Circuit Protection safeguard delicate system components to assure safe and stable power supply for BTX PC systems. FSP275-50BW acquires safety approval from UL, CSA, NEMKO, CB and CE.

FSP Group will exhibit this new CFX12V power supply at 2004 Year CeBIT, Hannover. Further information on BTX form factor and CFX12V power supplies will be available for prospective buyers. Please visit us at Hall 24 D10, from the 18th until the 24th of March 200.

FSP Group’s advanced onsite test equipment and facilities enable engineers to design products such as the PN range. Custom made wind tunnel testing facilities have been set up for testing fans, PCB layout and the overall airflow efficiency. For noise calculations, “Anechoic Chamber,” replicating real life conditions, is utilized to measure either a single power supply or a complete system. For further reference on FSP products, please visit us at

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