Thermaltake New Cooler - Silent Tower(CL-P0025)

@ 2004/03/07
March 2004 - Taipei, Taiwan - Thermaltake Technology Co. Ltd, the world leader in thermal solutions for cooling advanced electronics, today announced the release of the world's first 4-in-1 CPU cooler.
Codenamed SilentTower (P/N:CL-P0025), it is designed to cool the most advanced CPUs today and will also be fully compatible with the highly anticipated Intel Prescott LGA775 processor.

SilentTower's cooling property is based on the innovative heatpipe technology. By utilizing 3 all copper heatpipes attached to the copper base, SilentTower is able to move absorbed heat to the top more efficiently than ever. Heat dissipation is achieved by having a 90mm x 90mm x 25mm Silent Fan mounted on the side and providing airflow horizontally towards the high-density aluminum fins. A larger fan unit such as the 90mm Silent Fan is capable of providing higher airflow while operating at a relatively low speed, thus decreasing the overall noise level to achieve a respectable 21dba.

Unlike traditional fan casing where air can only be sucked in from the top, Silent Fan's unique design allows air to be sucked in from several directions to further improve its airflow volume.

In order to be fully compatible with all currently available processors including AMD Athlon XP, Opteron, Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX and Intel P4 Socket 478 Northwood, Prescott, yet-to-be-released LGA775 Prescott, SilentTower employs a universal clip mechanism.

"Thermaltake's new line of SilentTower CPU coolers offers tremendous flexibility in both attachment method and thermal performance," said Flora Chen, Marketing Director for Thermaltake Technology. "Whether you are looking for long-term investment, greater thermal performance or silent computing environment, SilentTower has your solution."

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SilentTower will be available worldwide in April 2004. Visit

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