SiS 64bit Driver Support Officially Ready

@ 2004/03/04
Taipei, March 04, 2004 - Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets, today announced that driver support is ready for the SiS755, SiS755FX and SiS760 series of chipsets for the AMD™ 64bit processor platform.

The IDE, AGP and LAN drivers have been included in Microsoft 64bit OS beta version for board makers and OEM’s testing. SiS is also ready to provide Serial ATA, Audio, and AGP drivers to customers and end users’ download on SiS official website. The complete offering of 64bit platform is with both software and hardware optimized for the upcoming 64bit operating environment. The SiS solution is thus a complete 64bit solution, making it vendor’s best choice for compatibility with the AMD 64bit processor platform. 64bit application programs and operating systems for personal users will certainly change the face of computing as we know it, and the availability of SiS 64bit drivers means SiS customers will be on the leading edge of technology.

The 64bit architecture gives users the power to improve performance for many applications, compared to the old 32bit architecture. This means software and operating systems can process more data and access more memory to make these applications run smoother. The AMD 64bit processor has the largest memory cache of any desktop processor, making it ideal for running complex multimedia programs, 3D gaming and content creation.

"AMD 64bit processor promises to change the face of desktop computing," said Michael Chen, President of SiS. "With 64bit driver support for the SiS755, SiS755FX and SiS760 chipsets, AMD 64bit processor users will naturally look to SiS to provide them with the best solution."

The 64bit drivers are ready to release on SiS website. Customers and users are welcomed to download for testing. Please visit the url:

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