ABIT Introduces BulletProof Technology

@ 2004/03/03
Built with BulletProof Technology, ABIT hardware has always been the brand of choice for PC enthusiasts. Designed for the end-user, BulletProof Technology introduces a new standard in terms of Quality, Reliability, Stability, and Engineering for long-term, problem-free use. All ABIT products are designed, engineered, and tested with the user in mind - the result is a product that is truly in a class by itself.

Bulletproof Technology begins with selecting the highest quality components available. ABIT uses only Japanese-made capacitors on ABIT branded motherboards - capacitors that cost several times more than regular capacitors. While others try to cut components, ABIT puts quality first. In doing so, ABIT motherboards include the highest number of onboard components. BulletProof Technology starts with Quality.

Bulletproof Technology also means Stability, and stability begins with ABIT's Four Phase Power to deliver power to the CPU during gaming and overclocking. Stability is further ensured as ABIT motherboards pass the Torture Test, a series of looping demos and benchmarks designed to tax the board far beyond normal use. If the motherboard has been Torture Tested and Passed, it is built to last. Rock-solid stability under extreme conditions leads to Long-term Durability.

Reliability is another component of Bulletproof Technology. To help users identify devices and components that are problem-free with ABIT motherboards, ABIT has developed its ABIT Approved Program. After hardware has passed compatibility testing, it is given the ABIT Approved Seal. The ABIT Approved Seal lets ABIT users understand which devices and components they should be choosing to complete their systems. Reliability brings problem-free Durability.

ABIT has consistently developed innovations that allow ABIT products to perform above and beyond what is expected. These innovations have given birth to ABIT Engineered features - exclusive technologies that help to deliver unparalleled convenience, stability, performance, and value to the ABIT user.

"Starting in October of 2002, ABIT made significant changes with the goal of producing the absolute most durable products available on the market," said ABIT Marketing Director Scott Thirlwell, "These changes over the last 18 months to components used, testing procedures and manufacturing processes have placed ABIT into a position whereby we are confident in saying that ABIT quality, reliability, stability and engineering is unmatched in the industry."

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