OCZ Technology Group Inc. Announces ULN2 Technology

@ 2004/02/26
February 13, 2004-OCZ is pleased to announce our newest innovation for the high speed memory market, Ultra Low Noise 2 technology. OCZ Ultra Low Noise technology has been the staple of high quality, high performance PCB technology for over a year. ULN 2 specifications allow OCZ modules to run more efficiently and overclock better than any other memory on the market.

“OCZ will continue to innovate and improve within the high performance memory industry,” said Steve Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with OCZ Technology Group. “ULN 2 Technology allows for faster and more efficient memory operation for todays high speed, demanding applications.”

Memory modules featuring ULN 2 Technology will be available soon from OCZ Technology Group.

For more information o*n Ultra Low Noise 2 technology, please read the ULN2 technical information page

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