Corsair Introduces 32GB High-Density USB Flash Drives

@ 2008/01/03
Corsair today announced it has expanded its Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor USB product lines with new 32GB storage products. The company plans to officially introduce the products to the general public during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week in Las Vegas.

The new products are available with the following price guidelines:

* Flash Voyager 32GB ~ $229.99 USD MSRP
* Flash Survivor 32GB ~ $249.99 USD MSRP

“Whether with innovative designs, like the Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor, or industry leading large-density drives in convenient portable form-factors, Corsair is always pushing the limit of what USB portable storage has to offer,” said Jack Peterson, VP of Marketing at Corsair. “Our newest USB additions will allow a whole new set of users – multimedia, technical and data conscious – to take advantage of rugged, high-performance solid-state storage,” added Peterson.

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