Global WIN introduces the new attractive GAT002 Aluminium MID Tower Case

@ 2004/02/17
Taipei, Taiwan, February 17th, 2004 – Global WIN, a leading specialist in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, today announced its latest GAT002 aluminium mid tower case. This chassis is applicable to both attractive high performance PCs as well as workgroup server solutions. With the black colour of the case body contrasting with the transparent (or light-blue transparent) acrylic of the PC panel, the GAT002 stands out in all office environments.

The aluminium GAT002 is suitable for both tuning enthusiasts and users looking for a high quality attractive case. The LCD display of the D7 monitor on the front panel reports both temperature and time information. The background illumination of this display can be changed to appear in seven different colours. At the bottom of the front panel, an I/O interface is integrated with connectors for USB, FireWire (IEEE1394), and audio.

The cooling system of GAT002 is controlled by two fans. One fan is placed in the rear panel to exhaust warm air from the area around CPU and graphics card. The second fan (crystal style) has four integrated LEDs and is placed in the middle of the side panel. The side panel also contains several windows to enable a view of the internal system configuration. Both 80 mm fans deliver an airflow of 25.64 CFM each at a noise level of 22 dBA. The two fans together provide optimal air circulation.

The ATX chassis has dimensions of 485 mm (D) x 200 mm (W) x 410 mm(H). It offers enough space for ATX motherboards with up to seven expansion slots and includes mounting holes for both Micro- and Mini-ATX as well. The GAT002 case series contains four external 5.25” and two external 3.5” drive bays including covers. Internally and hidden from the outside, the chassis offers additional room for up to four 3.5” HDDs. All standard power supplies in PS2 size (AT, ATX, P3, P4 Power) will fit into the universal position PSU area.

Additionally, the GAT002 is equipped with one FDD round cable and one ATA133 round cable. The package also contains one CD/DVD and FDD cover each to maintain the aesthetic look of the front panel. A 20 cm cold cathode with blue light (providing a sound activated flashing function) is also included as a special feature for PC enthusiasts.

The GAT002 is made entirely of aluminium. Aluminium gives a great visual effect and also provides thermal conductivity three times better than a similar steel case. This heat dissipation provides greater system stability, which is why aluminium cases are recommended for “hot” systems. Aluminium also gives the case an increased rigidity which helps lower vibrations and extends system life. Last but not least, the external appearance of aluminium cases remains the same for extended periods, which is not always true for standard non-aluminium cases.

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