Ultra m998 Mid-ATX Case

@ 2007/11/26
But the desktop case is special. It’s a completely different and independent entity that fulfills its function just by existing around other stuff. It’s a sculptural centerpiece that everyone notices, and it’s always flaunting some visual personality for your rig. For the artistically inclined modder, a Dremel can often chisel 1980s NEC Beige into Super-Ironic Water-Cooled Vintage-Inspired Mega Machine; but for the less savvy DIYer prone to slicing off some fingers along with lightweight aluminum, finding an appealing stock case can be a daunting chore.

Enter Ultra Products’ m998 – an oddly enticing mix of Lian Li-style industrial minimalism and Humvee’s classic military vehicle, the M998. Throw in a healthy dose of Global WIN and Akasa inspiration circa 2001, some awesome innovations in modular tech, and you’ve got a rock solid mid-ATX case that earns the title of “feature rich.”

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