AMD Announces "FireStream" Chip

@ 2007/11/11
In a significant development, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced launching a high performance chip that applies 'Parallelism', a common graphics processors' technology -- to general purpose computing.

The new chip, named "FireStream", uses an advanced 55 nanometer manufacturing process, and a 'double precision' floating point technology for scientific-engineering calculations.

AMD said "FireStream" is based on high-end graphics chips found in Radeon products of AMD's ATI graphics unit. It features 2GB GDDR3 RAM and a type of memory designed by ATI, besides consuming less than 150 watts power.

The "FireStream" concept stems from people wanting their gaming interaction to be as realistic as possible.

The chip is also a stepping stone for a later AMD product dubbed 'Fusion' that will combine a graphics processor with a central processor on the same piece of Silicon.

Meanwhile, AMD said "FireStream" will cost in the region of $2,000.