Abit KV8-MAX3

@ 2004/01/22
urge... to buy... a64.... rising....!

Seems like a great buy. : )
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/02/07
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/02/07
"great camera"
Comment from 187(V)URD@ @ 2004/02/05
I got the 1003 bios and there still in it
Comment from Sarcastro @ 2004/02/05
Hexus seems to like the k8v quite well. ( http://www.hexus.net/content/reviews...X3BhZ2U9Mg= = )

Then again, they used the 1002 bios which comes supplied stock, and that one is the best I used so far. And which I cannot seem to use anymore. They had the same problem with the CPU fan stopping and they also used the turbo 1/2/3 options with the mem, those dissappear with the 1004 / 1005 beta bios (haven't tested the 1003.)
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/02/04
guess what I have here too
Comment from Sarcastro @ 2004/02/04
More news, Asus (in the Netherlands) seemed to have kept back a lot of the K8V deluxe revision 1.12's. That whole line had a production error and they were not shipping them for a week. Guess what I got! The rev 1.12 . It's probably not a big thing, and I suspect those boards had the same overclock bios I disliked. Haven't had the time to get any more information about that.
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/02/04

found out that my problem probably came from a leak in my h20 setup oops

everything back to normal now
Comment from calantak @ 2004/02/04
no maturity?
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/02/04
I thought my a64 setup was borked yesterday (yes, after one evening of use.... ).

Suddenly my system (k8v + 3000+ ) shut off power. Couldn't reboot, no matter what I tried. Only thing that helped was to take out the battery for a night, and this morning it booted as nothing had happened....

And I didn't even start to overclock .
Comment from jmke @ 2004/02/04
thanks for sharing your experiences with us, very interesting post for those seeking to buy an A64 setup
Comment from Sarcastro @ 2004/02/03
Originally posted by RichBa5tard
urge... to buy... a64.... rising....!

Seems like a great buy. : )
I'd wait if I were you RB. Until socket 939 matures preferably.

I having this hate-love relationship with my A64. It sometimes has a mind of it's own. But I think (hope is the right word) the K8V is really to blame for that. Today after a complete windows install (with apps) it decided all of a sudden to not boot from the windows disk, but from the data disk instead. Took me 30 minutes and a couple of gray hairs to figure out what was happening. Also, the asus q-fan option likes to literaly stop (yikes) the cpu fan (why???) and when it has done that the thing can't be started again (with for example speed fan). Bet the interior of my PC got a few giggles seeing my face in front of the case window doing a "noooooooooooo" in slow motion while reaching for the power cable.

Other gripes with the K8V -> the 1004 bios auto overclocks. It puts the multi of a 3000+ @ 9.5 and the fsb @ 212. Guess it does that to get higher benches. But there's and extra kick to that. -> You can not change the multi from 9.5 in the bios even if you set everything to manual. It just does the settings it wants as it f'n pleases. But wait, there's more. -> If you want to flash the bios back because you would like some control over the boards settings it will not let you. The windows utility suggests you use the AFUDOS utility, the AFUDOS utility suggest you GFY. No, it actually says older bios bootblock detected, and you can't flash. Thanks a lot asus. So now I'm running the 1005 beta which allows some control of the multi but you need to have the FSB at 201(or higher, just not @ 200). I'm cool with that though, at least I got my 10x multi back.

Definately not keeping this rig for over 2 months.
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/02/03
Originally posted by easypanic
well calantak:

see this

I will try this method, I want to keep my whitewater

Tried this method... and it rocks

Assembled my a64 yesterday. I used the screws from my P4 kit, they fit just in the backplate of my ASUS. In fact, I used almost everything from my P4 kit, only difference is that a64 has just two holes...

Will up a pic this evening when I'm home.
Comment from wutske @ 2004/01/25
I'm going to wait a while before buying some AMD64 powah. At the moment there isn't a good mobo. The VIA has no AGP/PCI lock, the NForce3 150 is not so fast, the SIS is rare. There isn't a mobo w/ full hypertransport and the fastes AMD64 for S754 is a 3700+. (and I've upgraded my pc a few months ago, and now I don't have enough money :grum: ). But that Abit looks soooo sweet, 6x sata , ĀµGuru (FanEq), but the lay-out seems to suck big time.
Comment from calantak @ 2004/01/25
actually, it was
that's the same thing I'll do, trying to stick it on the athy this way...
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/01/25
ah, thought it was about the whitewater
Comment from jmke @ 2004/01/25
Abit KV8-MAX3 ...
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/01/25
what are you talking about??
Comment from hajj_3 @ 2004/01/25
this is on sale in the uk - www.scan.co.uk
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/01/25
well calantak:

see this

I will try this method, I want to keep my whitewater
Comment from vegeta @ 2004/01/23
do I hear a custom-made bracket that use the 2 mobo mounting holes
If I have an A64, I will definitely gonna make one for my LRWW
Comment from calantak @ 2004/01/23
will the whitewater block fit this too?
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/01/23
well, as my p4c800 is borked, I just ordered an ASUS K8V and a 3000+ A64 .

Wonder if it will have a significant increase of speed .
Comment from calantak @ 2004/01/23
I hope it does, that is the plan, I wanna upgrade bigtime in april
Comment from RichBa5tard @ 2004/01/23
A visit to Cebit 2004 will change your mind. ; )
Comment from calantak @ 2004/01/23
urge to keep waiting still bigger for me :-)