Power Supplies: The Shocking Truth

@ 2004/01/22
Grats, you just spend 100 € or more an that friggin 500 watt SPu, and it's worth as much as my cheapass 350 watt version
Comment from calantak @ 2004/01/22
I agree...
Comment from TeuS @ 2004/01/22
true, enermax PSU's have a lower efficiency then the others. but perhaps their PSU's are more stable?

it's a nice review, but it's nothing more then some hocus-pocus with numbers. every manufacter has it's own way to test PSU's so it's very hard to make up a review based on those numbers, numbers gotten from non-similar testing of the PSU's

it's just like fans, a fan produced by manufacter A can be labeled as 25 decibel, another manufacter could rate it 30 decibel. further offtopic: if A and B would manufacture fans that are tested in the same way and rated 40Decibel, one fan can still be better then another because of the pitch of the noise. after all a whining fan is much more annoying
Comment from calantak @ 2004/01/22
conclusion vantec 470 is a good supply, enermax sux