Silversinksam finds NO SIlver oh boy!

@ 2004/01/21
Check this out, our friend Silversinksam has done it again. Fighting for Truth Justice, and the Universal Way. Which Silver based TIM's have no silver in them? Read on my "Mad" friends....
Comment from Liquid3D @ 2004/01/21
Then you my friend may have been the inspiration for the article. I wonder if he mentioned you? You guys can't access, dam.

I really like your site JMKE, but where do you find time to do ALL this and please the "Ladies"?

I tell ya, you are the Uberman my freind......
Comment from jmke @ 2004/01/21 is under heavy load
Comment from TeuS @ 2004/01/21
I remember that CompUSA/silver grease stuff, it's FAKE. mailed Sam about this.
Comment from piotke @ 2004/01/21
site doesn't load overhere.

I get to see the lay-out, and then IE hangs