Dell's New 20" LCD Display Features HDCP, Built-in Webcam

@ 2007/09/04
Dell is one of those company's lots of people love or hate. They put out lots of high tech devices at good prices that make your average consumer happy. Then when stuff goes wrong with their gear they have some of the worst support on the planet.

When you couple that animosity, with some fudging of financial numbers not too long ago; you have a recipe for lack of trust in Dell products. Dell isn’t known to be that much of an innovator when it comes to their products, but recently they have been changing that notion with the introduction of the XPS M1330 and XPS M1730 notebooks.

Comment from Rutar @ 2007/09/04
the DT site seems to be always loading slow :/

I so want to beat up that guy commenting shiny black would be better. Is it just me or does it look 100% like the 2707? I really hope they use alu as well to put the pressure on other manufacturers to make this the new standard.