Phenom 3GHz won’t hit 30K in 3Dmark06

@ 2007/09/03
Our sources close to AMD have confirmed that Phenom 3GHz cannot even come close to 30000 in 3Dmark06, even on dry ice and heavy overclock. The same sources confirmed that no matter how AMD would like this to be true that such expectation about Phenom 3GHz would be too much. If Phenom was that fast, this would mean that clock to clock AMD is twice as fast as Intel’s quad core at the same clock speed and that is simply impossible.

Comment from Kougar @ 2007/09/04
Like the INQ has any credibility left to hold onto... easy choice.
Comment from Rutar @ 2007/09/03
fudzilla vs inquirer, whoever wins we lose!

Let the games begin!