Zalman ZM-MFC2 Fan Controller Review

@ 2007/08/17
Over the years heat has progressively been an issue for
computer enthusiasts. It still seems like yesterday that Intel's Pentium
line was using brute force to keep up in the "Gigahertz War" and a
massive amount of heat was the by product. Many companies have wised up
in recent years by developing cooler and more effecient products (ie
Intel and their C2D line of CPUs). While this certainly helps, heat
continues to be an issue and always will. As more cases fill up with
intake and exhaust fans, they quickly learn that a cool case has it's
trade-offs. The more fans you add, the closer your case gets to sounding
like a jet engine. This is where your friendly fan controller, like
Zalman's ZM-MFC2, comes into play.

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