LEAKED: Vista SP1 analysed

@ 2007/08/11
It's no secret that there's a leaked beta of Vista SP1 floating around, but no-one yet has really taken the time to analyse it in detail to find out what it really does.

I made it my mission this weekend to trawl through the registry and file changes in SP1 to find out as best I could exactly what SP1 does.

Comment from FireTech @ 2007/08/12
The big question is whether the hint of a service pack on the horizon will encourage businesses to hold off deploying Vista, especially if they're contemplating Windows Server 2008 as well. This isn't a situation Microsoft wants, but if it's generally known that Vista SP1 has substantial advantages of non-SP1, it's difficult to make a business case for early adoption.
They are holding off any form of Vista adoption because it is not yet SP1, not the other way round.....
Comment from SuAside @ 2007/08/11
having a leaked beta of a release with months of development to go, doesn't exactly constitute 'having' SP1.

in this case it is Beta 1 it appears. which is far from being an RC...
Comment from jmke @ 2007/08/11
I want to see benchmarks which proof the performance increase