XGI Driver "cheats" detected?

@ 2003/12/19
Comment from quarantaine @ 2003/12/19
Originally posted by koensa
dude ati and nvidia cheat too!
so whut

dont go all emotianol because it cheats,it always is liek that.

i said that its sad honesty doesn't exist anymore (and i also mean ati , nvidia etc) but this card is crap when used with modificated EXE's

and if you think i'm getting emotional..
Comment from quarantaine @ 2003/12/19
i think its sad to market a gpu that would be a threat to ati and nvidia and then they seem to cheat so much with those drivers.

i mean you pay for a high end card and you are ripped?
honesty doesn't exist anymore it seems...
Comment from SpoBo @ 2003/12/19
ok so be it .. they are fooked .. well they shoudn't have inserted those cheats and even lied about the fact that they where not there ... Guess not many people will buy the card no wo they can't build a new one :/
Comment from [Bonbon] @ 2003/12/19
pure mafia
Comment from RichBa5tard @ 2003/12/19
this is sad...
Comment from calantak @ 2003/12/19
**** all gpu's