Corsair boosting DDR memory to PC4400

@ 2003/12/13
Comment from calantak @ 2003/12/21
mine is sucky @ 240 it does only cas 3 3-2-6...
but i have two sticks of twinx ddr400 coming for my workrig, and maybe I'll give those a try at 5:4 if they do cas 2 2-5-2 at 192 I'd give them a go and compare it, I could sell those pc3700's and get pc3200 1 gig for the gaming rig or so
Comment from Gamer @ 2003/12/21
maybe if I do a voltmod

nope, i like it the way it is.
Comment from calantak @ 2003/12/21
2-2-2-5 would be better (2 -2-2-11 also ) at 5:4 then what you use now
Comment from Gamer @ 2003/12/21
with my OCZ pc 4200 sticks I can do 2,5-4-3-6 settings @ 269 fsb (and maybe more).
this should give me a better score then 4:5.

only problem, these sticks can't do 2-2-2-5 even @ 200 fsb, so no testing here.
It give me a boost in 3D01 (300 points.).
Comment from calantak @ 2003/12/21
Comment from calantak @ 2003/12/13
is it worth it if you have more performance running a cpu@ 275 fsb and async ram 4:5 with tight timings cas 2 2-6-2 @ 220 then sync at cas 3 4-8-4 or sth...

it's actually slower to sync it with these settings...