AMD's AGP version of HD 2400 PRO/XT comes in August

@ 2007/07/23
AGP versions of RV610 cards are almost ready. We will see the first versions of these cards in August and some ATI partners did promise to have these cards out some 20 days after the PCIe release. This sounds like they meet the timing. The AGP cards will be only a few bucks more expensive as the end user have to pay for the different PCB and the bridge chip that will make AGP card possible and it retail market you should not pay much more than $10 to $20 more than you would pay for PCIe card.

Comment from Moddog @ 2007/07/23
good news ,i want to use my old pc as media center.
only got a 6600gt and 2800+ proc,i hope the uvd will make it possible to play hd content on my lcd