Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Soundcard Review

@ 2007/07/15
Frames per second aside, what’s it like? To be honest I never really noticed much in Half Life 2 or CS:Source. Quake 4 is menacing on any sound card and this didn’t disappoint. It was very good. Battlefield 2 was good too, and the Tampa map is excellent to play on with the XF-i. Until Battlefield 2142. I was blown away by the change. This game has the XF-I option in the menu and it really works. I cannot stress how much you need one of these cards if you are an avid Battlefield 2142 player. It does say this on the Creative site and the Battlefield 2142 site as well.Nothing prepares you though, for the change in gaming experience!

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