World In Conflict Multiplayer Beta Impressions

@ 2007/07/15
World in Conflict has been most anticipated games of this year, for a very good reason – one look at any of the screenshots or videos from the game is enough to send most PC gamers into a frenzy of OMGWTFs and we’re no exception – once word spread through the office that we’d gotten hold of some copies of the multiplayer beta, everyone started clustering around our screens with excitement. We weren’t even looking at porn either. In fact, a quick go through the tutorial and a few multiplayer matches later and we came to one shockingly good conclusion; World in Conflict is better than porn, better than almost anything we’d ever seen before. It’s gorgeous, graphic, detailed and in-depth and we relished every step as we each got to grips with the multiplayer only beta.<br><br>

But enough vague generalisations, a game with such extensive detail as World in Conflict needs to be covered in specific, screenshot full detail. So, let’s delve right in and have a look at what is shaping up to be one of the finest RTS games we’ve ever played.

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