Company of Heroes DX9 vs DX10 screenshot comparison

@ 2007/06/28
On a first-hand basis we also immediately noticed a difference in graphics quality with a much sharper, cleaner, and dynamic graphics. Sometimes it is definitely hard to tell if you play Company of Heroes zoomed out most of the time as we do but when you zoom in the difference in quality is dramatic. Rocks and other litter cover the landscape, the textures from the ground to the player's faces seems dramatically improved and lighting starts to shine with DX10. It's not night and day all the time but if you've got a high-end system and have been looking for something to show off DirectX10 on then this is the game to do it on.

Comment from Rutar @ 2007/06/28
even more important, is it worth a whooping 50% reduction in FPS and here they can't pull the crappy engine excuse
Comment from jmke @ 2007/06/28
You get higher resolution textures in DX10 shots; what's preventing them from enabling them on DX9?