NVIDIA confirms Next-Gen close to 1TFlop in 4Q07

@ 2007/05/24
In recent analyst conferences that were publicly webcast on NVIDIA's website, Michael Hara (VP of Investor Relations) has claimed that their next-generation chip, also known as G92 in the rumour mill, will deliver close to one teraflop of performance. In a separate answer to an analyst's question, he also noted that they have no intention from diverging from the cycle they have adopted with the G80, which is to have the high-end part ready at the end of the year and release the lower-end derivatives in the spring.

Comment from Kougar @ 2007/05/25
While that is true, it just goes to show ATI can still offer the better experience than Nvidia. At least they are capable of staying ontop of their drivers for both games and GPGPU applications. What Nvidia is doing is no different than a motherboard manufacturer releasing only a partial BIOS just to get the basics working, and then nothing else. I tend to frown on companies that do one thing while saying another.
Comment from jmke @ 2007/05/25
imho; GPGPU compiler is the least of my concerns; amount of gamers outweighs developers largely
Comment from Kougar @ 2007/05/24
Hm, any bets on when Nvidia will get around to fixing their drivers and GPGPU compiler though? I figure it'll take them at least a year before they get around to working on it, even if they say it is their primary focus right now. Driver and complier bugs are the sole reason no Folding@Home on nVidia GPU clients exist yet, as the hardware itself is finally 32bit precision capable. Info is from the Folding community forums, before anyone asks.

I know R700 is targeting the 55nm node, I can't see Nvidia skipping 65nm for G90 though so ATI may beat them again as far as process size goes. Better question they could of asked was if it would do ATI any good though...