Codemasters released Colin McRae: DIRT Demo

@ 2007/05/24
The Demo contains three racing types and three different tracks. Number 1 is the point-to-point racing, against-the-clock action that’s a hallmark of the series. The Colin McRae: Dirt demo (850 MB) pits you and your Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX against a testing Italian rally stage. This mode is also playable in multiplayer. Number 2 lets you test your nerve in off-road racing as you race against 9 fearsome AI drivers in a CORR class 1 buggy packing 650bhp. Number 3 take on the rally legend himself, Colin McRae, in a Subaru Impreza – the race is on a twisting tarmac crossover track in Germany.

Comment from geoffrey @ 2007/09/14
Didn't find any issue's yet with those drivers
Comment from jmke @ 2007/09/13
do you still have shadow issues with 162.xx Forceware drivers?
Comment from Massman @ 2007/09/13
Originally Posted by geoffrey View Post
Just ran 1:04.30 on the Avelsbachering track in Germany, I'm driving the demo version Subaru WRX.

Let's go online
Comment from geoffrey @ 2007/09/13
Originally Posted by geoffrey View Post
With 1.06m I'm still far away from the so called World Record.
Just ran 1:04.30 on the Avelsbachering track in Germany, I'm driving the demo version Subaru WRX.

Comment from easypanic @ 2007/06/18
damn, 8GB game size :/
Comment from geoffrey @ 2007/06/07
I've had more/other shadow problems
Forceware 152.22

1024x768 2AA
Comment from jmke @ 2007/06/07
what video card/driver, detail level highest? that shadow display is buggy as hell, flickering et al. no probs here with GTX/latest forceware
Comment from geoffrey @ 2007/06/07
Recorded a video, google seem to compress it a lot though:

I forgot the in-game sound on purpose
Comment from jmke @ 2007/06/05
the full game will have different difficulty modes, hopefully these will also change handling
Comment from geoffrey @ 2007/06/05
Someone made a more realistic grip modification:
Comment from jmke @ 2007/06/04
the turbo GTI is limit with keyboard, all the other RWD are impossible with KB, especially the Formula cars you need a steering wheel

DIRT Demo is very arcade, easy with keyboard, hopefully the higher difficulty levels will allow for good FF with steering wheel and more realistic driving; if not, Richard Burns Rally game I bought €15 is still the best Rally game
Comment from geoffrey @ 2007/06/04
K, I must agree there, RWD needs some practice too, I only played the S2 demo until now, the RWD cars available there are not that powerfull.
Comment from jmke @ 2007/06/04
LFS is easy? ever tried a RWD car with keyboard?
Comment from geoffrey @ 2007/06/04
I found that it responsed to hard on every time I pust my steering keys. That way, getting your car driving from point A to point B in one straight line can be quite challenging when you just came out of a corner. There is no setting available for adjusting this to my own likings. Life for speed is easy, Need for Speed is easy, heck even the previous CM game was easiers to get under control with a keyboard.
You are not having this 'issue'?

EDIT: After some practice I can keep the car under control on the small track, what I do is use use gas before going into a corner. Then the car starts to loose grip and controlling it gets easier (for me, that is). I also changed to incar view, seem work out best for me. With 1.06m I'm still far away from the so called World Record. The buggy race is really easy though, no problems beating the current track record there.
The "Rally" race gives you a good feeling about speed. Driving at =100km/h on such small roads kicks ***
Comment from jmke @ 2007/06/03
hard to control with keyboard? it's easy peasy
Comment from geoffrey @ 2007/06/03
Really hard to control with keyboard, not even near the fun you get with Live For Speed, though graphic wise I must agree, there is nothing out there that will come near this game.
Comment from jmke @ 2007/05/28
got be seen in motion to be believed is very close to "real" look, I think we're one/two game iterations away. I still remember playing the first Colin...

and 2.0, I still have that one installed, still fun, tarmac arcade and multiplayer really kicked ***!

3.0 was less fun for me

4 and 5 I never really got into

but DIRT (6.0) seems to recapture more of the fun of the first 2 games

Comment from Kougar @ 2007/05/27
Nice screenshots, game looks pretty nice!
Comment from jmke @ 2007/05/26
the hardest difficulty level in the demo is very playable with the keyboard; not very realistic driving then, but quite fun;

graphics are awesome, no other word for them, the GFX engine is a lot more demanding than any other racing game out there; screenshots below were made on Core 2 6400 @ 2.8Ghz / 2Gb / 8800GTX, with all in-game settings maxxed out, and 2xAA/8xAF enabled. take a look at the FRAPS in the top right corner... at that's at 1600x1200. If some pics are "blurry" it's because of the "Motion Blur" GFX option
Comment from jmke @ 2007/05/24
time to hook up the Logitech DFP again