Lost Planet DX9 vs DX10 visuals compared

@ 2007/05/17
Lost Planet does make use of the new features available in Direct3D 10, including Shader Model 4.0 and geometry shaders. Shadows are softer and more realistic, and the edges of buildings and other objects blend into the scenery rather than intersect at perfect right angles. Even footprints in the snow have real depth to them. New shader techniques do wonders for the games' models; there's less of the wax-figure look which defined the DirectX 9 era. Overall, the environment is more organic and less manufactured; moving from the DirectX 10 version back to the DirectX 9 version highlights the differences. Given the short time frame in which Capcom has prepared this release, I'm duly impressed. Still, I'm pining for the visuals promised by Crysis screenshots.

Comment from jmke @ 2007/05/17
those of you with DX9-class video cards really aren't missing out on much, if anything at all with this title. In addition to the visual similarities between the two version, also look at the framerates reported in each scene. As you'll see, the DX10 version performs far worse than the DX9 version. It's so much worse, that we're sure many of you would trade off the slight visual advances of the DX10 version for the much smoother framerates of DX9.