Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II Water Cooling Kit

@ 2007/05/09
When we first reviewed the original 3d Galaxy water cooling kit, we were pleasantly surprised at the ease of installation and how well it performed. Gigabyte has made a number of great changes to the second version of this kit, perhaps the most important is the increase in tubing size from 3/8inch to 1/2inch. The means by which the water block is attached to the socket LGA 775 is a vast improvement over the first model. So come on along and check out this very slick water cooling kit

Comment from Wrigleyvillain @ 2007/05/09
New to watercooling and really want one of these based on the features and reviews and the price but theres absolutely nowhere for the radiator/pump mechanism in my midtower. Running it outside too much hassle.

Oh well. Next build perhaps.