nVidia Geforce FX 5700 Ultra

@ 2003/10/27
nvidia's back? this $200 card reaches almost the performance of ATi's $500 one!
Comment from Falco @ 2003/12/16
Is the 5700 Ultra a good overclocker?
Comment from jmke @ 2003/10/28
yes but for you fluently is 10fps
Comment from piotke @ 2003/10/28
Originally posted by Vulk
I hope that we will be able to buy this card arround christmas for about €180. My ti4200 is getting a wee bit to slow.
c'mon, i tought the same a year ago, and now i'm gaming on a mx480, fluently, high detail, on 1024*768
Comment from Vulk @ 2003/10/28
I hope that we will be able to buy this card arround christmas for about €180. My ti4200 is getting a wee bit to slow.

To bad that there aren't 3dmark2k1 bechmarks.
Comment from jmke @ 2003/10/28
in a way nvidia is back, since everything else they have released in the months since the GF4 series , is lacking in the price/speed departement. This 5700U actually brings it back up to speed, and it delivers a pretty good bang 4 the buck !

the small info is only a teaser, a glimpse of the full article, not particulary a summary of the whole article, not in my newsposts at least

I chose this screenshot because it was one of the most controversial ones, in the article there's an even better one, where even the Ti4200 outperforms the 9800XT
Comment from anes @ 2003/10/28
shouldn't your little side-info give 'first-sight' what to expect?

i've read it last week, but for people with less time, it should be more of a summary of the article no?

a superficial individual may think 'wow, nvidia is all back' and yet another misunderstanding is launched into the world..
Comment from jmke @ 2003/10/27
I stand corrected, thought the price would be lower of the 5700U
Comment from RichBa5tard @ 2003/10/27
Beaten, no. A very worthy competetor, yes.

The price difference between a R9600 Pro and a FX5600U is pretty big (tones.be: 170 vs 220). I think it will take a while before you'll see a FX5700U < 200, while you can get a equally fast R9600Pro right now for far less.
Comment from jmke @ 2003/10/27
Originally posted by anes
bad choice screenshot
I would rather call it a "provoking" one
urging the reader to check out the article :-)

the 5700U is still the better buy in the end, the R9600 Pro has been beaten
Comment from SpoBo @ 2003/10/27
I was terrified lol .. the new budgetcard from nvidia performing better then my new 9800pro .. thk god it's only in this benchmark Still a nice bang for the buck
Comment from anes @ 2003/10/27
bad choice screenshot

in most of the benches the 9600 is up ahead

even the ti4200 is better then a rad9600xt if you follow your subjective screen..