Howto Connect your PC to your TV

@ 2003/10/23
Great guide; short, simple and everything you need to know !
Comment from DUR0N @ 2003/10/29
Comment from Sh4rke @ 2003/10/24
I don't quite understand your reply duron

When switching in clone mode from 640 to 800 or 1024 things get smaller/bigger , wallpapers fit the screen in 1024 too on tv

when playing games in 640x480 or 1024x768 on tv the difference shows

like if your cloning on a wider monitor ( a wide lcd or sommet ) @ both 1024x768 , won't that wider screen have black borders then to nativly show that 1024 picture ?

I haven't tried the above and im just asking , not that i know better , just curious, that's the way to learn

But i rather clone my tv @ 1024 than @ 640 dunno never noticed the streching imho

point is i geuss that a native 1024x768 won't work on a tv but nevertheless the resolution gets higer than using a 800x600 on a tv ? so why not go for 1024x768 on every tv ?

P.S. this is a reply solely based on what i have read and what i "think" to know maybe when i'm in a sober state i can do some actual "research" ,)
Comment from DUR0N @ 2003/10/23
tv's are only like ~600x~500 lines, so if you display a 800x600 or 1024x768 image on them, it becomes stretched and reworked. there are VERY few tv's who can natively display 1024x768
Comment from Sh4rke @ 2003/10/23
Took me a while too to figure out when getting grey picture Usually switching from composite to Svideo or vice versa does the trick for me.

I can't speak for ATi users but if u use Nvidia Nview , don't bother with TVTool , and i don't know 'bout u only getting 640x480 and 800x600 , even on and old panasonic with no Svideo i can select 1024x768 using nview clone mode

Maybe a tip for those that love to give presentations , If u have that little split cable with both the svideo and composite outs u can hook up 2 teevee's and clone on both

Nice guide because sure took me quite a while to fully figure it out myself , save ppl a lot of time