DDR2 and Core 2 Memory Performance

@ 2007/03/17
Back in August 2006 we reported that the Core 2 doesn't need any high rated memory to perform at its best. Legion Hardware did similar tests and came to the same conclusion!

"Kick starting the real-world gaming applications is one of my favourite RTS titles, Company of Heroes. Looking at the results above there are a few things you can quickly determine without much analysis. First of all DDR2-800 offers nothing (very little) in the way of added performance over DDR2-667, at least in this game. That said, neither does DDR2-1181, as this high speed memory was actually slower than the DDR2-667 configuration at 1920x1200 and 1600x1200

Comment from Wrigleyvillain @ 2007/03/19
Greenlighted! Ok, I may not have been the only one to submit this...