Supreme Commander Performance Tweak Guide

@ 2007/03/07
Supreme Commander pushes the real-time strategy genre forward by introducing gigantic maps and new unit-design concepts to transform mere battles and skirmishes into epic conflicts. The size of the maps forces players to use the game's camera control to zoom in on the map to watch over a single battle or to zoom out for the big picture. You need all the information you can get when the enemy has artillery that can hit targets from across the map. Multi-monitor support lets you keep track of two separate areas on the map--one view on each screen.

Comment from jmke @ 2007/03/07
We noticed that the GeForce cards didn't render the force fields correctly in the game. The shields on the ATI cards had more pronounced animation effects, while the Nvidia cards only drew the occasional faint blue arc.
I see the blue arcs just perfect on NVIDIA 8800GTX and 6600GT