AMD Quietly Accelerates 65W Chips Family

@ 2007/03/06
At this point AMD’s lineup of Athlon 64 X2 chips with 65W TDP includes nine processor models (3600+, 3800+, 4000+, 4200+, 4400+, 4600+, 4800+, 5000+ and 5200+) with different specs and made using 90nm or 65nm fabrication process. Intel’s family of Core 2 Duo processors with 65W thermal envelope features only five processors (E6700, E6600, E6400, E6300 and E4300). AMD’s energy-efficient chips are priced from $102 to $232, while Intel’s are available for $163 – $530 depending on the model.

Comment from Kougar @ 2007/03/07
A little off topic, but at what point did AMD switch from halfing the cache on the 3600+ at 256k to letting it keep the 512k L2 cache? I seem to have missed that, didn't notice until recently.