ATI Catalyst 7.2 Performance Analysis (Windows XP)

@ 2007/03/01
We hope so very badly this doesn’t become a trend from AMD and ATI. We have seen this kind of stuff happen before - something new comes out and they stop thinking about the old stuff. The problem is that Windows XP is such a large part for computer users that we really hope that AMD and ATI don’t decide to stop thinking about the millions of XP users out there who feel that Vista isn’t for them or simply just can’t afford it.

If you’re using Vista there is no doubt you want to make the move to the latest driver. The other thing is the loading times for the Control Center now are fantastic in not just Vista but also XP which sees the inclusion of the new control panel in this driver. It’s worth the upgrade along if you’re a frequent visitor to the Control Center as well.

Comment from jmke @ 2007/03/01
Yes latest 7.2 control panel is very functional and easy to use, loads fast too;