Sapphire Radeon X1950 GT 256MB Tested

@ 2007/02/04
Sapphire bought up all the 'defective' X1950 Pro cores to make a less costly, but also less speedy solution, dubbed the 'X1950 GT', HardwareZone has the scoop:

"Based on a variant of the 80nm RV570 core found on the Radeon X1950 PRO, the Radeon X1950 GT uses a core dubbed RV570LE. But going by the specifications, there is little to distinguish between them. Both cores come with 12 rendering pipelines and 8 vertex engines and the same 36 pixel shaders. Other key features found on the Radeon X1950 PRO, like native CrossFire and HDCP support are also present on the new Radeon X1950 GT.

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