nMedia HTPC 200BA Enclosure

@ 2007/02/03
A PC for the living room, next to the TV? This nMedia case will blend it nicely:

"The nMedia HTPC200 comes in two color choices of Silver (the 200SA) and Black (the 200BA.) The unit I received was the 200BA. Let's start with an overview of the entire enclosure, beginning with the outside at the front bezel. The front bezel on the HTCP200 resembles that of a stereo receiver. Starting left and working across to the right, there is a large, round power button surrounded by a clear ring that glows blue from an LED. In the middle is the optical drive door with DVD stamped on it. On the left is the LCD panel that displays CPU and Case temperatures, as well as CPU fan speed. The lower half of the bezel has a door across the front that hides some front I/O connections; the door uses the push-to-lock/unlock device. These connections from left to right are Audio and Video ports, 9 in 1 Card reader, and USB2.0/Speaker/MIC and IEEE ports.

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