Antec P180B Case

@ 2007/02/03
Looking for a case to build a silent system? The Antec P180 has plenty of useful features to make it easy:

"It's been a while since I looked at a case with so many features for this price. The Antec P180 is fairly cheap if you consider how much you get in return for it. It's not the most spacious case and it does get a bit crowded in there once your system is all set up. But the features like sound dampening, removable trays with anti vibration grommets, and stellar looks makes it all good. I'm more than pleased with this case.

Comment from jmke @ 2007/02/04
thanks for the heads-up, here's the working link:
Comment from KTMitch @ 2007/02/04
Just wanted to let you know that the link seems to down. It leads to this error on the Burnout PC website:

" has moved to another server which has php5 running, instead of php4 which worked with our article module that we used. However, as fine as it worked on the other server, it didn't with the new server we are on right now. We also upgraded to a newer CMS so things went from bad to worse. Im working on getting things back up, as well as all the reviews, and the link to daily news. Our design is also still under development, but i have no new news on that.
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