Swiftech new product release

@ 2003/09/21
"Introducing the MCW20™ series of extreme duty water-blocks designed for high front side bus frequency chipsets. This line of products is specifically intended to minimize flow restriction."

The product is available in 3 versions:

MCW20-A™ for AMD® platforms : MSRP $32.95 - NOW SHIPPING
MCW20-P™ for Intel® platforms: MSRP $32.50 - SHIP DATE 10/5/2003
MCW20-R™ retail channels version for both platforms: MSRP $37.95 - SHIP DATE 10/5/2003
Comment from jmke @ 2003/09/21
blue all the way
Comment from jmke @ 2003/09/21
The MCW5000-64™ water-block is now available for AMD® Athlon™64 and Opteron™ platforms. A conversion kit is also available to retrofit any MCW5000 water-block to this new version.

MCW5000-64™ : MSRP $53.00 - NOW SHIPPING
MCW5000-64RH conversion kit: MSRP $25.50 - NOW SHIPPING