6-Way 1GB DDR500 Round-up

@ 2003/09/20
Corsair to the top!

Out of the six modules tested we found that the Corsair XMS 4000 memory line was the most stable of the bunch. It had no errors from memTEST86 and RSTpro testing when ran at default/aggressive timings at DDR500 and even at high speeds at loose timings! No other memory series we tested can boast these results. As far as overclocking is concerned, the Corsair XMS 4000 has ample head room, which allowed us to reach speeds above 520MHz on our module even when run at tighter CL2.5 timings. The fact that Corsair took a conservative approach on setting the timings even though the memory runs fine at CL2.5 actually plays in favor of the end user. Corsair makes it simple as there is only one DDR500 level of performance to pick from (XMS and PRO series are both 3-8-4-4). The Corsair modules are able to get an extra boost of performance that is available thanks to the Hynix IC’s and the great R&D work that Corsair put into the actual PCB design. With a solid price point, no errors on three of our four testing stages, and good performance it is our belief that the Corsair XMS 4000 series is the #1 memory pick on the short list of DDR500 memory modules.
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Comment from calantak @ 2003/09/21

have you noticed what they use to test the errors?

the fact that most modules even had errors when used @ default says it all...
Comment from FreeStyler @ 2003/09/21
This is the most worthless revieuw EVER seen.
Max overclock available; This when getting over 100K memtest errors.
Windows has a 90% chance of crashing when you have but 1 error.

The only usefull part is the default speed testing, showing some modules to have problems, even at their rated speed.

Claiming of themselfs to be the near perfect review...
They only use dual channel, "just 1" memory pack of each type.
These guys are WAY off.