1kW Shootout: PCP&C Turbo-Cool vs. Silverstone Olympia

@ 2007/01/30
With thanks to the GPU manufacturers and the need for more power, power supplies have grown to mammoth proportions. Until recently, PC Power & Cooling has always been on the crest of this wave by offering, as their box states, 'the biggest, baddest power supplies, period' Since then, this market has grown exponentially and now exceeds the 1kW benchmark put in place by PC Power & Cooling, with offerings from Tagan supposedly putting out 1100W and Ultra Products putting out a mind boggling 2000W. Of course, until 3-way G90 video cards are a reality, anything over 700W can be considered 'overkill.' That's not to say that a 1kW power supply is a complete waste of money. By having a power supply that is engineered to potentially put out that much power, loads like 300W or 500W should allow the unit to run cooler or more efficient, never mind the e-Penis factor.

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