Accelero X2 - Now compatible to ATI X1950Pro

@ 2007/01/30
Worldwide media endorsed graphic card cooler – Accelero X2, now compatible to ATI latest X1950Pro graphic card, continues to offer the unparalleled GPU cooling performance by ARCTIC COOLING technology.

Pfäffikon / Switzerland, 30.01.2007. The Swiss cooling solution manufacturer ARCTIC COOLING announces the new compatibility to the award winning high performance graphic card cooler – Accelero X2, now fully supports ATI latest X1950Pro (including all X1950 series) PCIe / AGP graphic cards. To fulfill the huge amount of requests from X1950Pro owners, ARCTIC COOLING promises to deliver the best cooling solution for enthusiasts. With the help of a new specially designed Voltage Regulator Heat Spreader Module, all X1950Pro graphic cards can instantly benefit from Accelero X2, bringing the total new experience of silence and ultimate cooling performance.

New Voltage Regulator heat spreader module

The original (or generic) HSF of ATI X1950Pro graphic card is stuck with the voltage regular heat sink in the same piece. Once the original HSF is removed, the voltage regular heat sink will be removed also. ARCTIC COOLING Voltage Regulator Heat Spreader Module is specially designed for X1950Pro, provide an extra large surface area for easy heat dissipation. Together with Accelero X2 cooler, they form the best combination to achieve the ultimate cooling performance.

More than 70 awards from all around the world Experts agree Accelero X2 performs quieter and cooler. Accelero X2 won more than 70 awards and received countless favorable views from media. Starting from November of 2006, Accelero X2 was adopted by PowerColor and featured on their X1950Pro PCIe and AGP graphic cards. Accelero X2 unrivaled performance acts like an ultimate weapon for PowerColor to won all the praises from media and gamers.

With the Accelero X2, your graphics performance will never be compromised. Vibrations caused by the rotating fan are absorbed by a patented vibration muffler. With the help of 6 heatpipes, Accelero X2 results incredible cool under extremely low noise levels. Same as the other ARCTIC COOLING products, Accelero X2 users can enjoy a 6 year limited warranty.

Accelero X2 with Voltage Regulator heat spreader module is available now. There are two easy ways to get this new Voltage Regulator Heat Spreader Module, either contact your local distributors or get it via our website. The new Accelero X2 on the shelf will bundle Voltage Regulator Heat Spreader Module for users directly. The MSRP is USD $33 or Euro €28

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