Swiftech MCW60-T TEC Powered VGA Waterblock

@ 2007/01/28
"Overall this MCW60-T water block has impressed me performance wise, and by it's superior built quality. Swiftech has really made a decent water block for anyone willing to go the extra step and push their video card to the next level. The TEC element runs best at it's rated wattage of 188watts, but does produce quite a lot of heat. My water cooling system was having problems coping with that. Installation was real easy, and I experienced no difficulties using the MCW60-T."

Comment from SuAside @ 2007/01/28
hahahaha "burnout pc" indeed!
Comment from piotke @ 2007/01/28
crappy psu
Comment from jmke @ 2007/01/28
and as soon as I attached the TEC element and started doing stress tests, voltages would drop to a minimum of 8.89 volts on the 12volt line